3 Best Fishing Lures for Catfish

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Hey there my fellow fishing enthusiasts and welcome to my post where we will discuss my 3 best fishing lures for catfish to get them to bite on this year. As with any type of fish being chased, fishers generally need to make a decision between whether they choose to attract their targets with bait or lures.

This is especially important when it comes to Catfish due to their great sense of smell and feeling via their whiskers. They will however take a good lure so for those of you who choose to fish in this manner I have had a good look around and come up with 3 good options below. Let’s check em all out…

My three recommended fishing lures for catfish

I will review these in more detail below however if you just want to get moving without all the carry-on, my recommended products are listed here for your convenience:

 Fishing Lures For CatfishPriceGet it
Lures for Catfish - PROBEROS Minnow Bass Fishing LuresPROBEROS Minnow Fishing Lures$CURRENT PRICE
Lures for Catfish - Catfish Rattling Line Float LureCatfish Rattling Line Float Lure$$CURRENT PRICE
Lures for Catfish - Berkley Gulp AliveBerkley Gulp! Alive! Shrimp Assortment$$CURRENT PRICE

What are catfish lures?

Fishing lures are small, manufactured objects often shaped like a fish’s prey. These are attached to a hook and tied to the end of a fishing line to entice fish to bite. And of course there is a wide selection of lures on the market including jigs, spinners, spoons, fly baits, crankbaits, and plugs.

When it comes to Catfish, as mentioned above, they are armed with a strong sense of smell and sensitivity which makes normal live bait a good option. However if you do want to use lures, then you will need to make sure that they can attract your prey in a similar manner.

In most cases then, Catfish lures are made of similar materials to others however usually made to vibrate with bright colours and odours to mimic the natural foods that they like.

Lures for Catfish - lures

What should you be looking for?

The following are some of the considerations to take into account as you look for a lure for chasing catfish…

  1. Type of lure
  2. Construction material
  3. Appeal to the senses
  4. Additions

Type of lure

Lures may be live (also called baits) or artificial. In catfishing, it is essential to decide which one you will use.

Using natural baits or live bait is one of the most efficient and productive methods for angling. These are effective due to their familiar texture, odor, and color, and they require a simple presentation.

However, as we are talking about lures here, the required options are designed to imitate prey or its characteristics, such as color, flash, or shape. Seasoned anglers typically carry multiple lures and attempt to cover all three water column zones: surface, subsurface, and bottom.

Construction material

Depending on the type of lure, the common materials are metal, wood, cork, and plastic. In purchasing a catfish lure, it must be made from high-quality, durable materials so that your catch would not get away easily.

Lures for Catfish - catfish with lure

Appeal to the senses

This feature involves baits and lures with a strong odor and those that produce sound.

Again as we have discussed above, Catfish have an incredible sense of taste and smell. Their entire mouth is covered with taste buds while their olfactory organs can detect a small amount of protein placed in the water. It is, therefore, reasonable for your bait or lure to be stinky with the goal of attracting these freshwater whiskers.

Some artificial lures can generate sound. Manufacturers designed them to vibrate since catfish have heightened hearing sense organs. They usually think a prey is in the water when hearing noises which will lead them to go to the surface and becomes your opportunity to catch them.


Other potential additions include:

  1. Attachment points – These are the lure parts where you tie your line. Some products have multiple attachment points so that you can position your lure differently once it hits the water.
  2. Hooks – When the fish bite your lure, hooks are already attached to it. This additional characteristic contributes to your performance against catfish giants.
  3. Simulated body – As stated above, lures are meant to imitate live bait so that they will eat it. Today, many catfish lures can simulate how a tiny fish behaves on surface waters, making them more believable to your targets.

My three recommendations broken down

So based on the information above and my own experience, I recommend the following options:

1. PROBEROS Minnow Fishing Lures

This first Catfish lure is an artificial type and resembles a live fish. You can use this product to capture various kinds of freshwater fish as well as being very effective for your target catfish. See its specifications below:

  • Brand: Proberos
  • Type: Artificial crankbait
  • Construction material: ABS plastic
  • Dimensions: 4.7 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 0.51 ounces

Other inclusions:

  • Equipped with rings and hooks
  • 3D life-like eyes
  • Six pieces

Why have I chosen it?

This set comes with 6 different colour options to allow for different environments and has a maximum depth of 13 feet, so you can still hunt for catfish hiding underwater. And to better attract your Catfish, each lure has inbuilt vibration behaviours as well. This is a great option in waters where Catfish are one of a number of species being targeted.

2. Catfish Rattling Line Float Lure

This next lure is made from durable materials and appeals to the Catfish’s heightened senses such as sight, sound, and smell. It also comes in a 3 pack meaning they can be swapped in and out should the first one not be working. See its specifications below:

  • Brand: Catfish sumo
  • Type: Artificial float lure
  • Construction material: Lightweight metals
  • Dimensions: 4.45 x 2.56 x 0.91 inches
  • Weight: 1.41 ounces

Other inclusions:

  • Realistic eyes
  • Extra loud rattles
  • Strong smell
  • Multiple attachments

Why have I chosen it?

The product has three attachment points making it possible for the lure to be rigged, inlined, or placed at an angle. Its shiny body also helps attract the Catfish hiding in deep corners. This is a great option for fishing in areas where the bottom is murky or muddy.

3. Berkley Gulp! Alive! Shrimp Assortment

The last lure I highly recommend is consists of flavored silicone shrimp-like baits. These are considered as one of the best alternatives for live baits as it is deeply soaked into powerful attractants that make it irresistible to freshwater fish, Catfish included. See its specifications below:

  • Brand: Berkley
  • Type: Artificial soft plastic lure
  • Construction material: Silicone
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 5.75 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds

Other inclusions it has:

  • Soaked in a powerful attractant
  • Shrimp-like simulation
  • Assorted colors

Why have I chosen it?

These lures almost perfectly resemble a shrimp, which catfish love to devour and are well-soaked into a powerful solution that releases a strong odor for trophy-sized catfish to find. I have used these myself and they work a treat in all water types and with many species as well.

Note: For this option, you will need to get yourself some jig heads as well.


There you have it, my three best fishing lures for catfish. I would be pleased to know how this article helped you, and as usual, let me know of your experiences with them.

Also, please do not hesitate to comment below if you have any questions, concerns, corrections or would like me to check anything else out for you.

Until next time

Have fun


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    • In my experience, the smellier the better – and for some reason, anything with a strong garlic smell is a popular option here. Go for a good quality fish or bait oil as it will hold the smell on your bait or lure for longer. They should also be based on natural products as well. Hope this helps. Paul


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