3 Best Kayak Trolleys

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Hey there my fellow fishing enthusiasts and welcome to my post covering my 3 best kayak trolleys to wheel this year. In my humble opinion, this is one of the absolute must haves for the kayak user as unless you are parking within arms reach of the water, then you are in for an awkward and cumbersome experience when you carry it over the ground. Not to mention the need to make a number trips as you go back for such items as life jackets, water bottles and of course, fishing gear.

A kayak trolley (also called carts or dollies) makes all this go away. With a kayak on a trolley, you simply load it up with all the gear and take a leisurely stroll to the waterway happily towing it all behind you. And best of all, unlike most other options for a kayak, there is not a lot of variation in type so grab yourself a nice cold beverage and a snack and let’s see if we can get you setup with a good trolley for your kayak…

My 3 recommended best kayak trolleys

I will review these in more detail below but if you just want to get moving without all the carry on, my 3 are listed here for your convenience:

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What are kayak trolleys?

Not to be confused with anchor trolleys, a kayak trolley is a wheeled contraption that the kayak generally sits on top of allowing you to pull it over the ground to the waterway – think very small boat trailer. As mentioned above, they can provide the following advantages for kayaks:

  • Allows you to easily move the kayak across the ground.
  • Removes the need for more than one trip as you can load the kayak up and move it all at once.
  • Stops you needing a second person to assist.
  • Makes it easier for those who may not be able to lift the weight of a kayak.

Trust me, if you have one, you will forever wonder how you would ever do without it!

Types of kayak trolleys

I mentioned above that there is not a lot of variation when it comes to trolleys for a kayak however the type you will want to choose will depend mainly on the type of kayak you have. These are:

1. Sit on top kayak type

These are the trolleys that are basically a pair of wheels and two ‘spikes’ that point up towards the sky. These spikes are threaded through the drainage holes of the kayak allowing it to be pulled along. These can also be turned upside down and inserted from the top when you paddle as well.

best kayak trolleys - kayak carrier

2. Sit in kayak type

Sit in kayaks generally do not have drainage holes making the first option above obsolete. For these types of kayaks, trolleys come with a small rack rather than spikes allowing the kayak to sit on top.

trolleys for kayaks - sit on top trolley

What should you be looking for?

Again, the function here is pretty simple in that you attach the trolley to your relevant kayak type and pull it along. However, there are some minor options you can consider prior to purchase:

Location – As with almost everything to do with kayaks, location is the main influence on whatever it is that you are trying to achieve. When it comes to kayak trolleys, the main influence is what terrain you will be dragging it over such as:

  • Sand – Skinny wheels will sink so go for one with larger pump up or flat tread options.
  • Bumpy or hilly – If your kayak is sitting on the trolley (I.e. no spikes through it) then you may need a model with a tie down strap included to stop it sliding off up a hill.
  • Longer distances – recently I pulled my kayak with a friend from his house to the river where we fish – it is only about a mile but after a while, I wish I had inflatable rubber tyres like he did.

Storage while paddling – if you cannot leave your trolley on the bank/beach whilst you paddle, then see if you can get a light weight foldable option that you can strap to the top of sit in models or on sit on models if their configuration means you cannot insert it from the top.

At the end of the day, you need something that is lightweight but strong enough to handle the size of your kayak and whatever terrain you will be moving your kayak around in.

trolleys for kayaks - trolley on kayak


Is a kayak trolley worth it?

In a nutshell – absolutely. Not only do they save you having the carry a bulky kayak from your car or truck to the water’s edge, but they also allow you to do it all in one trip as well. At the end of the day, the time and energy that they save is in my opinion, worth every cent!

What Do I use?

I mainly use my kayak for fishing so I got mine simply to make it easier to move everything the 20 metres (60 feet) from my car to the bank in one go. I have a sit in model so I got the spike option as follows:

  • Type: Spike option for sit on top models
  • Wheels: hard plastic
  • Tie down strap included: No
  • Adjustable: Yes
  • Composition: Lightweight aluminium

If I am being honest here, I chose this one as it was the best of the cheapest models I could find at the time. I did check that it was adjustable so I could use in both of my kayaks however I didn’t take much notice of wheel composition (hard plastic). If I had my time over I would probably go for an option with inflatable rubber tyres as they are a little smoother across the ground.

I have no need for a tie down strap as I don’t take it far but I can definitely see the advantage of them as well.

My three recommendations broken down

There are literally hundreds of kayak trolleys available online (with a large range in price points) so I have chosen three in an attempt to give you options based on the information above. Based on this, I recommend the following options:

1. ABN Universal Kayak Carrier

For the price, this first one is a great option for those looking to move a kayak of any type across a number of terrains on a budget. It is suitable for both sit on and sit in models with tough rubber wheels and a holding strap for ease of use. Specifications as follows:

  • Type: Rack option for all kayak types
  • Wheels: 9.5” inflatable rubber tyres
  • Weight capacity: 200lb (90kg)
  • Tie down strap included: Yes
  • Adjustable: Yes
  • Composition: Lightweight high-strength anodized steel (8lbs)

Other inclusions:

  • Foam bumper pads
  • Foldable with easily removable wheels for ease of storage

Why have I chosen it?

I like this one purely for its versatility and inclusions for the price. It will fit most kayaks (longer models may need a better tie down strap) and great for those moving them in a number of areas. It is light weight, easily stored and I think a good option for those who just want to move their kayak without too much fuss.

2. Docooler Foldable Kayak Trolley for Kayak

This next one is good for those looking to move sit on models a little further or over rougher terrain. It comes with adjustable spikes that are inserted into the drainage holes regardless of the model or their position. Its specs include:

  • Type: Spike option for sit on top models
  • Wheels: Rubber
  • Weight capacity: 50kg (110lb) and 75kg (165lb) options available
  • Tie down strap included: Yes (although reviews suggest not a strong one)
  • Adjustable: Yes
  • Composition: Lightweight aluminium

Other inclusions:

  • EVA cushions help to protect kayak whilst being transported
  • Tyres suitable for sand, gravel and road

Why have I chosen it?

Spiked kayak trolleys are surprisingly expensive so I have chosen this one again for those who simply wish to move a kayak from A to B without too much fuss and expense. For larger kayaks or those looking to move over greater distances I would however suggest clicking on the link below and then looking around at some of the more expensive model options.

3. Malone WideTrak SB Large Kayak Cart

The third option I have chosen is a little more expensive however for those who venture far and wide with their kayaks predominately on sand, it is well worth the price. It comes with specialised wide tyres for this purpose and is suitable for all kayak types. Specifications as follows:

  • Type: Rack option for all kayak types
  • Wheels: 38” inflatable rubber tyres
  • Tie down strap included: Yes
  • Adjustable: Yes
  • Composition: Lightweight anodized aluminium frame

Other inclusions:

  • Foam bumper pads
  • Foldable with easily removable wheels for ease of storage
  • Low pressure air pump
  • Stainless steel fittings

Why have I chosen it?

This is a great one for those looking for a little quality over price with specifications that make it a very versatile option for most conditions and needs in both inland and ocean settings – especially if you need to move your ‘yak over the sand.

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And there it is – my 3 best trolleys for kayaks. I hope it has been helpful and as usual, please let me know of your experiences with them.

Also, please do not hesitate to comment below if you have any questions, concerns, corrections or would like me to check anything else out for you.

Until next time

Have fun


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