GoPro Hero 11 Action Camera Review

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Hey there fellow outdoor enthusiasts and welcome to my post where we will check out my GoPro Hero 11 action camera review.  Whether your are into extreme sports, diving, snorkeling or just cruising in a fishing kayak (which is my main use for it) the GoPro line of cameras are a great choice for their use of use and toughness. 

And at time of writing, the GoPro Hero 11, the newest addition, offers some upgrades to an already solid piece of gear. So with all that in mind, let’s check out the pros and cons of the GoPro Hero 11 action camera.

What is the GoPro Hero 11 action camera

The GoPro Hero Black range is a groundbreaking action camera that takes adventure photography and videography. With an array of innovative features, these are the perfect companion for adrenaline junkies, travelers, and content creators alike. The latest iteration, GoPro Hero 11 was introduced in September 2022, and whilst it looks to be identical to the Hero 9 and 10, there are some improvements made.

Gopro hero 11 review - gopro 11

What is new with the Hero 11

In my research, the school is still out on the advantages of the upgrades made with the latest release. There are some highlights however that include:

  • New HyperView lens and SuperView at up to 5.3K/30fps
  • A new 8:7 sensor – unlocks the ability to film in the unusual 8:7 ratio (great for Tik tok)
  • Upgraded auto-stabilization with HyperSmooth 5.0 with AutoBoost


ModelHero 11 Black
PriceSee price at Amazon.
Dimensions2.64 x 1.34 x 1.85 inches
Weight145 grams
Image sensor1/1.9″ CMOS
Max video resolution5.3K60 / 4K120
Video stabilizationHypersmooth 5.0
Video file formatH.265 (HVEC)
Max video bitrateUp to 120 MBPS
Photo resolution27 megapixels
Battery1720mAh Enduro Li-ion battery
Other features:
  • 61  minutes of battery life when shooting at 5.3 @60 FPS
  • GoPro Quik App
  • Slow-motion videos up to 240 FPS
  • HyperView
  • 360 horizon lock
  • Hypersmooth stabilization

What else is there?

As above, The Hero 11 Black is essentially a modified version of the Hero 10 Black however there are helpful new “Easy” and “Pro” modes in the menus, with the former allowing for a greater point-and-shoot experience – especially for beginners. This something I particularly like as I struggled with my Hero 9 when I first got it. Let’s have a look at the rest of it as follows:

There are some new timelapse tricks that the Hero 11 Black offers with menu now including options for Star Trail, Light Painting and Vehicle Lights options which help users create clearer images in these situations. Compared to the sensor of the GoPro Hero 10, the Hero 11 has an additional 4MP of vertical resolution which means it still captures standard 5K/60p videos in 16:9 or 4:3, but also offers the option to shoot in a “full-frame” 8:7 mode and export clips later using the Quik app.

Therefore, this feature is undoubtedly beneficial for social media creators, especially those who post on websites with diverse aesthetics like YouTube and TikTok (when cropped as per platform requirements).

As with its predecessors, it is still designed to handle harsh environments and is waterproof up to 33 feet (10 meters) without any additional housing. Moreover, GoPro’s Enduro battery, which was previously an add-on, is now standard with the Hero 11. The new battery from GoPro increases recording times by up to 38% and improves the device’s dependability in extremely cold temperatures.

tips for using a sports camera - scuba diver with camera


  1. High-quality video and image capture with improved resolution and frame rates.
  2. Excellent image stabilization with HyperSmooth 5.0.
  3. Rugged and waterproof design, suitable for various adventure sports and activities.
  4. Improved, easy-to-use interface and voice control.
  5. Improved low-light performance.
  6. Customizable settings for different shooting scenarios – including the added 8:7 ratio for social media users.
  7. Wide range of accessories and mods available for enhancing the user experience.
  8. Compact and lightweight, ideal for traveling and on-the-go adventures.


  1. Battery life can be limited, especially in high-resolution and high-frame-rate modes.
  2. The camera can heat up during extended use, potentially causing it to shut down.
  3. High-resolution and high-frame-rate videos require powerful computers for smooth editing.
  4. May be too expensive for casual users.
  5. Touchscreen responsiveness can be challenging in some situations, such as when wet or wearing gloves.
  6. While the camera is waterproof, the lens is susceptible to fogging and water droplets, which can affect image quality.

How much is it?

Prices start at around $499.99 or $399.98 with a GoPro subscription (depending on addons purchased).

Frequently Asked Questions


What would you get if you unbox a GoPro Hero 11?

For added mobility, the Hero 11 also includes two clamps that can be attached to the Gumby and the GoPro. Because of these items, adventurers could mount the GoPro Hero 11 on various objects, such as railings, tables, bike helmets, and more. A USB-A to Type-C cable, a small pouch, and the GoPro Hero 11 itself are also included in the package.

Are there any changes in the design of the GoPro Hero 11?

The Hero 11 is the newest action camera from GoPro with minimal to nonexistent design changes. The GoPro Hero 11’s exterior is identical to its previous version, the Hero 10, except for an 11 printed on the side. The camera has a small, rectangular shape similar to the Hero 10 camera.

I own GoPro Hero 10; should I upgrade to Hero 11?

Although the GoPro Hero 10 is a powerful camera and may offer users better value, the GoPro Hero 11 is unquestionably a more flexible and enhanced option for all photographers and videographers out there. It has an advantage over the Hero 10 due to the larger sensor, improved stability, timelapse options, and longer battery life. That said, if you are happy with everything your earlier versions gives you for your needs, then maybe just sit with that.

Do I recommend it?

In my opinion, the GoPro Hero 11 Black is an outstanding action camera packed with features that cater to both casual users and professional content creators. With its improved video and photo quality, advanced stabilization and rugged design, it’s an excellent investment for those looking to capture their adventures in stunning detail.

However, for mine, if you have a slightly earlier version such as a 9 or a 10, then I would probably only really look at upgrading if you have identified a clear shortfall in the resolution or stabilization in the types of videos you shoot. I use my 10 for YouTube and I think it works a treat however the 11 will work much better if you want to use it on Tik Tok or Instagram.

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So there you have it, my honest review and appraisal of the GoPro Hero 11 action camera. I hope it has been of assistance but as usual, if you have any questions, experience or corrections, please do not hesitate to reach out by commenting below.

Are there any other products you have been looking at but want to know more about? If so, please comment below and I will do my best to get some details for you.

Until next time

Have fun

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