6 Best Gifts For The Fisherman
356 views · Jun 27, 2022
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Hey there my fellow fishing enthusiasts. If you are an avid fisherman with a birthday, anniversary or the like coming up then turn away now as this post is not for you. This post is for those looking for that special something for you as I outline my 6 best gifts for the fisherman who has everything. Now of course this doesn’t mean you can’t get us something we already have but I have gone a little rogue here to list the things that we always want, but probably wouldn’t purchase for ourselves… Let’s check them out…


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-------- About Beach and Fishing---------- 

I love the beach and I love fishing. I am not a professional and trust me, I have come home from the beach with no fish way more often than I have come home with. But here’s the thing, I have learned a lot along the way and have a fairly good idea in regards to what it’s all about. 

I talk to locals, I do some research, I try some things out and I also do my best to find the most cost effective gear so that you can afford a cheeky little beverage whilst you are there as well. 

Let’s have some fun

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01:13 LED Light Gloves
01:46 Electric Scaler
02:11 Insulated Mug/Cup
03:14 Portable Fish Finder
04:16 Gift Subscriptions
05:11 Fishing Charters
06:15  Conclusion
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