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Beach and fishing - us at the beachMy name is Paul and I love the beach and I love fishing. I am not a professional and trust me, I have come home from the beach with no fish way more often than I have come home with. But here’s the thing, I have learned a lot along the way and have a fairly good idea in regards to what it’s all about. The trouble is, I have tried and failed, tried and succeeded and just plain tried so much that I had forgotten more than I remembered – so it is time to get a little more serious – well as serious as you can get sitting on a beach with a surf rod in your hand I guess!!

Why this site?

I am building this site as I basically just wanted a place where I could write everything down and help some others out along the way. I want to explain what has worked for me in the past and what has not, the things I love, the things I avoid (like middle of the night in winter fishing) and how to just do it simply and enjoyably.

Beach and fishing - Paul and Phil

What will I do?

I will talk to locals, I will do some research, I will try some things out (if I have to of course) and I will also do my best to find the most cost effective gear so that you can afford a cheeky little beverage whilst you are there as well. I will let you know what bait and tackle works for certain fish and all of the other stuff to keep in mind to give yourself the best chance of catching some dinner.

Of course, fishing is supposed to be fun, and I plan to keep it that way. So get that beach rod out and let’s get amongst them!


Oh, and I might even throw some beachy stuff in there as well – after all, you might need something to do if the fish are off the chew!


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  1. You sound a lot like me, I love being on the water with a rod in my hand. I have had my share of coming home with nothing for dinner as well but the experience of the day fishing was all about fun and relaxation. I don’t know all the tricks of the trade but I know enough to catch fish and keep learning new tricks along the way. I started my website for the same reason as you. I want a place to share my adventures and offer tips along the way and receive tips from others, both on the water and on my website.



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