3 Best Portable Power Stations for Camping

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Hey there campers, and welcome to my post discussing my three best portable power stations for camping this year. As we know, outdoor activities such as camping often mean that we can be away from consistent power sources making it difficult power up our devices and small appliances. I mean how are we going to capture those incredible moments on our cameras or mobile phones.

Luckily, power stations have become market-available to help deal with our electricity needs during camping for options such as charging devices, lighting our campsite and even powering some of our cooking appliances as well. So with that in mind, let’s have a look at some good portable power station options for camping below…

My three recommended portable power stations for camping

I will review these in more detail below, but if you just want to get moving without all the carry-on, my three are listed here for your convenience:

02/18/2024 02:16 am GMT

What are portable power stations?

A portable power station describes a device that stores an electrical charge in an internal battery to transfer electric power to your various devices, such as a tablet, phone, or lights etc. They effectively work just like a massive mobile phone power pack in that they are themselves charged to hold power for future use. This pre charge can be undertaken in a number of ways such as via a solar panel, standard electrical outlets, or even a generator.

To choose the best power station for your needs, you should take note of some essential features such as power output, the number of devices you will use the power station for, and the power source.

Power station Vs generator

If you are wondering about the difference between portable generators and mobile power stations, the significant difference between these two is that generators need fuel (normally, gasoline) to run while power stations do not. The latter has a built-in battery that contains all its electric power. In other words, as mentioned above, power stations are just like cell phone power banks but a lot bigger.

Portable Power Stations for Camping - man camping with power station

What Should You Be Looking For?

Below are some of the main factors you should take into account as you shop for a portable power station for camping:

  1. Power output
  2. Weight
  3. Noise
  4. Safety features
  5. Durability
  6. Additional options

Power output

There is a lot to this however in general, as with anything to do with electricity, the power producing capabilities of a power station is generally measured in watts. In simple (very simple) terms, the higher wattage output a station has, the more likely it is to be able to power several electronics simultaneously. Some examples include:

  1. 100 – 200 watt output — This is enough to charge cellphones, music players, Ipads, tablets, LED lights and other small devices.
  2. 300 – 800 watt output — For small home appliances such as a small fridge, hot plate, small power tools or coffee machine etc. You could also plug the pump into your air mattresses!
  3. 800 – 2000 watt output — Large appliances and power tools


Compared with gas-running portable generators, power stations are more mobile and portable. This is because they are manufactured with a more compact battery in a lightweight size. Check for the lightest possible options if you plane to move around with your station.


Power stations transfer, not generate, electricity to devices attached to them, which explains why they are quiet even when used. This is another aspect that separates them from generators.

Safety features

Certain power stations are equipped with safety features to avoid any form of accident or harm to your devices. These could be the following:

  • Automatic shutdown function – This aims to prevent any form of deterioration to the power station as it detects that the battery capacity has reached its minimum storage level.
  • Internal temperature gauge – This helps in keeping the device at a safe temperature that prevents overheating.
  • Overload protection – This feature automatically stops the charging of devices the moment they are fully charged.


You should always check the durability of any tools you buy – especially if they are to be used for camping. In terms of a portable power station, the most durable options are made of long-lasting materials such as lithium-ion. Secondly, safety options mentioned above such as protection against overcharge, overcurrent, and overvoltage will certainly increase lifespan.


Other potential additions include:

  1. USB Ports – These are necessary for you to charge your small devices such as smartphones or tablets. There are power stations that have ports for USB Type-A and USB Type-C.
  2. Recharging methods – Versatile power stations can accommodate a number of charging methods such as a solar panel, a wall socket wall, generator or even plugging into a car cigarette socket.
  3. Number of outlets – A power station with multiple power outlets allows you to feed several devices and appliances simultaneously.
  4. LED and LCD indicators – These function as informative displays to let you know the remaining charging capacity of the unit.
  5. Handle – Durable power stations have strong and suitable handles that make them easy to move.
  6. Management system – Reliable power stations possess internal management systems that help them reach their full potential yet are still protected from damaging issues such as overcurrent, over-voltage, and temperature extremes.
  7. Pass through charging – Pass through charging is when a power bank has the ability to charge itself and attached devices at the same time adding extra battery protection and longevity.


Is it worth getting a portable power station for camping?

If you have significant power needs during your camping trip, plan to camp for an extended period, and/or will be in a remote location, a portable power station may be worth the investment. However, if you only need to charge small devices for a short camping trip, a power bank or solar charger may suffice.

My three recommendations broken down

So based on the information above and my own experience, I recommend the following options:

1. Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station

This power station is perfect for charging your small gadgets as you explore the wild on your camping trip. The power station is reliable with multifunctional outputs including AC outlet (110V 200W, 400W peak), USB-A ports, and DC carport. Its specifications include:

  1. Brand: Jackery
  2. Wattage: 200 watts
  3. Dimensions: 5.19 x 9.05 x 7.67 inches
  4. Weight: 6.8 pounds
  5. Voltage: 110 volts
  6. USB ports: 2 USB-A
  7. Recharging methods: Solar panels, wall outlet, car outlet

Other inclusions:

  1. 240Wh lithium-ion battery pack
  2. AC adapter
  3. Car charger cable
  4. Smart display

Why have I chosen it?

Although an entry-level device, this power station gives you numerous advantages compared with its counterparts from other brands. The power station can charge multiple essential camping devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, drones, cameras, lights, and portable fans when fully charged. The best part here is the item’s portability; despite having a plethora of ports, its 6.8-pound weight makes the perfect on-the-go power companion.

2. NEXPOW Portable Power Station

This next item is for those looking to use a few more electrical devices amongst a wide array of outdoor options available. Packed with other additional features including 9 interfaces, sturdy handle, LED lighting system and voltage regulator, this is the prefect option for those who camp a little more with a few more additions in tow. See its specifications below:

  1. Brand: NEXPOW
  2. Wattage: 296 watts
  3. Dimensions: 9.69 x 4.84 x 6.46 inches
  4. Weight: 7.05 pounds
  5. Voltage: 110 volts
  6. USB ports: 4 USB (2.0, 3.0 and C)
  7. Recharging methods:Solar panels, wall outlets, car outlet

Other inclusions:

  1. Multi-function LCD display
  2. LED flashlight
  3. Voltage regulator
  4. 12-month warranty

Why have I chosen this?

This power station is impressive in a lot of ways 8000mAh battery capacity and a built-in voltage regulator to give you peace of mind that your devices will not be overcharged and burned. It will run just about anything you need for camping such as laptops, phones, tablets, fans, drones, car fridges, radios, LED lights, MP3 and digital cameras, etc. And last but not least, it offers built-in LED lights that act as a flashlight during an emergency.

Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station

With a capacity of 1002Wh and the ability to supply 1000W of power (2000W surge power) through multiple output ports this last option is for those looking to power a lot of stuff or for longer trips. It meets the power supply requirements of major higher-power electrical appliances and most power tools as well. Its specifications include:

  1. Brand: Jackery
  2. Wattage: 1000 watts
  3. Dimensions: 13.1 x 9.2 x 11.1 inches
  4. Weight: 22 pounds
  5. Voltage: 110 volts
  6. USB ports: 4 USB incl. quick charge USB 3.0 and USB-C
  7. Recharging methods: Solar panels, wall outlet, car outlet, electric generator

Other inclusions:

  1. 3 Pure sine wave AC outlets
  2. AC adapter
  3. Car charger cable
  4. Solar parallel adapter cable
  5. Excellent battery management system

Why have I chosen this?

The last item’s massive capacity enables it to power major camping devices and appliances — even a full-sized fridge! Built to handle demanding electricity needs, this item can power up to eight different types of devices simultaneously with extensive power management options and protection including pass through charging.

02/18/2024 02:16 am GMT


There you have it, my three best portable power stations for camping this year. I would be pleased to know how this article helped you, and as usual, let me know of your experiences with them.

Also, please do not hesitate to comment below if you have any questions, concerns, corrections or would like me to check anything else out for you.

Until next time

Have fun


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