3 Best Predator Calls for Hunting

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Hey there hunters and welcome to my post where we will check out my three best predator calls for hunting to help you lure your target game this year.  If you hunt predators, a good predator call is essential. Whether for protection or sport, these animals are intelligent, cunning, and agile, so having the best electronic predator call you can get your hands is well worth the effort.

Questions such as “which specifications are essential, and which aren’t?” and “which features are a must-have?” are common so to help you out, I have had a good look around and come up with three decent options below.

Let’s check them out

My three recommended predator calls for hunting

I will review these in more detail below however if you just want to get moving without all the carry-on, my recommended products are listed here for your convenience: 

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What are predator calls for hunting?

A predator call is a mechanical or electronic device used to attract predators by imitating the sounds of their natural prey.  The two main types are those that imitate another predator’s call and those that imitate the sounds made by prey in distress.

Predator calls for hunting - call machine

What should you be looking for?

The following factors should be considered as you look for a good predator call for your hunting needs.

  1. Type of Animal Sounds
  2. Type of Predator Calls
  3. Range
  4. Durability
  5. Programmability
  6. Additions

Types of animal sounds

Modern predator calls produce different types of sounds to lure your target game. Here are some of them:

  1. Prey in distress: This imitates a predator’s struggling prey. It is the most common sound and probably the most effective and used to easily tricks Coyotes etc.
  2. Yelps: The next sound corresponds to that of pups in need of help. This sound is considered to be another compelling sound for your predator since hurt puppies could mean a free snack.
  3. Threatening growls: This sound mimics a male predator who could be a threat to your target. Since many predator animals are territorial, they will respond to this call in pack, which means you could have multiple targets at once.
  4. Other animal sounds: These are assorted sounds that the makers include in the device. The sounds could be effective depending on the given situation and local inhabitants.

Types of predator calls

Generally, there are two kinds of predator calls for hunting: electronic or manual. 

  • Electronic calls typically include a digital player and a speaker to broadcast the selected sounds. These are the most preferred because they do not require special skills. You can fool your target with the simple press of a button.
  • Manual hand or mouth calls are typically blown into or through to produce the desired sounds. These instruments are most commonly used as duck whistles and made up of a reed that is either pre-tuned and enclosed in some cases or an open reed call that can be tuned by changing your mouth position or biting down on the call.


This factor is heavily dependent on your shooting ability. The majority of predator calls have a range of 100 to 300 yards. However, controlling the call from such a distance will be difficult, so you’ll need a remote control with a long range.


Durability is an important consideration when selecting a predator caller. As a result, you should look for a long-lasting electronic predator call within your price range. Remember that a caller that sustains damage from the elements or other animals will not perform as well.

Predator calls for hunting - coyote in wild


Programmable predator calls are not easy to understand, especially for a beginner. Despite the fact that these devices can make a variety of calls, you must be creative to use them.  Non-programmable products, on the other hand, require you to press a single button and they will do the rest.

So, for this feature, be sure which one applies to your skill level.


Other potential additions include:

  1. Remote control: This device allows you to control the device from a distance, which is helpful, especially if you are in an elevated position such as hunting ladder stands.
  2. Backlit buttons: As you hunt at night, the backlit buttons become handy for you.
  3. Warranty: Predator calls that offer a warranty are a good buy because they are guaranteed to be new and defect-free.


What is a predator call used for?

A predator call is a mechanical or electronic device used to attract predators by imitating the sounds of their natural prey.  The two main types are those that imitate another predator’s call and those that imitate the sounds made by prey in distress.

My three recommendations broken down

So based on the information above and my own experience, I recommend the following options:

1. Icotec GEN2 GC300 Electronic Predator Call

This product offers the ability to play 2 sounds at once at a range up to 300yrds. It is designed for easy carrrying as well as a tripod adaptor as well. See its specifications below:

  • Brand: Icotec
  • Type: Electronic
  • Range: 300 yards
  • Weight: 1.64 pounds
  • Dimensions: 9 x 7 x 5 inches

Other inclusions:

  • Call pause button
  • 12 types of sounds
  • Tripod mount
  • 1-year warranty

Why have I chosen it?

The first on my list has a non-line of sight control range of 300 yards and produces 12 predator or game calls. It is a simple to use, rugged unit that requires 4 AA batteries for the main unit and an A23 battery for the remote.

The device can play two calls simultaneously, which is useful when attempting to bring your target into shooting range. Aside from that, you can listen to various sounds, including coyote howls and distress calls, crows, woodpeckers, cottontails, raccoon babies, fawns, and gray fox distress calls.

2. Lucky Duck – E-Caller

This item is much smaller than most standard electronic calls making it light in weight and easy to fit into your backpack. It includes a remote control and 12 different preinstalled sounds built it. See its specifications below:

  • Brand: Lucky Duck
  • Type: Electronic
  • Range: 100 yards
  • Weight: 2.11 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎‎8.78 x 6.65 x 5.04 inches

Other inclusions:

  • Remote-controlled
  • Portable
  • Pre-installed 12 assorted calls

Why have I chosen it?

The equipment comes standard with an integrated decoy that can easily store in the handle when not in use. It comes pre-loaded with 12 predator-attracting sounds; all you have to do is choose which one is best for your prey.  Its remote has a range of up to 300 feet (100 yards) and will work even if there is no line of sight to the device.

3. FOXPRO Inferno American Made Electronic Predator Call

Although this predator call for hunting is the most expensive, it is a good investment as it is loaded with incredible features such as a 1.5-pound portability weight and extreme volume and sound quality. It also has a diverse library of 75 predator calls, far more than most others on the market. See its specifications below:

  • Brand: FOXPRO
  • Type: Electronic
  • Range: 200+ yards
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 3.75 x 5 inches

Other inclusions:

  • Integrated USB port
  • Remote with an easy-to-read screen
  • Auxiliary jack
  • 75 pre-installed sounds

Why have I chosen this?

The third predator call comes with a large-screen remote that makes the product simple to use that can even allow the unit to be customized from a distance.  The predator call is known for being extremely loud, so its sound will reach your game. Its storage capacity is 200 calls, with 74 already installed allowing you to program it to exactly how you want it.  You can even import over 100 of your favorite calls from the internet as well.

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There you have it,  my three best predator calls for hunting to help you lure your target game. I would be pleased to know how this article helped you, and as usual,  let me know of your experiences with them.

Also, please do not hesitate to comment below if you have any questions, concerns, corrections, or would like me to check anything else out for you.

Until next time.

Have fun


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