8 Family Camping Games

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Hey campers and welcome to my post where I will we will check out 8 family camping games to keep everyone entertained out in the wilderness together this year. Camping as a family is an excellent way for everyone to bond and connect.

However if the weather turns, or you hear the dreaded phrase, ‘I’m bored,’ at some point during the trip then the inclusion of some simple yet lively games and activities can keep everyone happy, engaged, and active.

Let’s check them out below:

1. Scavenger hunt

This first camping game applies to any age group, from kids to adults and because you’re camping, it makes sense to concentrate on gathering natural items such as leaves, sticks, and more difficult-to-find items such as specific bugs or flowers.

Basically, all you need to do is come up with a list of items to find, a location (such as the campsite, a beach or even on a hike) and then send the family out either individually or in teams to find the items as needed. You can have everyone collect items, check them off their lists, or even get a little techy and take photos with their phones.

If you’re organized, you could research a walk ahead of time, such as your campsite’s walking trail. If, on the other hand, you want a more generic hunt, try using printed pictures for the kids who can’t read yet. 

family camping games - kids with leaves

2. Charades

Charades is one of the louder and more boisterous camping games making it a perfect camping game for the whole family. Trying to guess camping activities like pitching a tent, roasting marshmallows, rolling sleeping bags and stargazing is a hilarious and challenging variation. You can even include blockbuster movies or popular television shows.

Some teams will employ standard gestures however the following is a list of the most common signals:

  1. For person: Stand and place your hands on your hips
  2. For location: With one hand, make a circle and then point to it. Consider pointing to a dot on a map.
  3. For event or time: As if you were wearing a watch, point to your wrist.
  4. For the number of words: Hold up a certain number of fingers.
  5. For the “Sounds like” gesture: Cup one hand at the back of your ear.
  6. For plural: Connect your little fingers.
  7. For past tense: Wave your hand behind you, over your shoulder.

3. Obstacle course

This next activity is a great one for both adults and children alike as it is entertaining, unique, and energetic! It does take some setting up but the good thing is that you can do some modifications to this game depending on what you bring, but here are a few ideas for you:

  1. Crawl across the picnic table
  2. Perform ten jumping jacks.
  3. Run to the third campsite and back
  4. Step forward with one foot
  5. Attempt to leap over the cups.
  6. Sleeping bag race
  7. The rest is up to you!
family camping games - family running

4. Noah’s ark

Noah’s ark is a type of memory game is suitable for both children and adults. There are several ways to play this game but in general, it involves naming the animals on the ark in alphabetical order. “I’m going on Noah’s Ark and bringing two aardvarks,” for example. The next person repeats what the first person brings and adds to it using the following letter. And so forth.

Another variation is, “I’m going on a trip, and I’m taking X.” Whatever you’re taking is listed alphabetically. When a person is unable to recall the order and items, that person loses. The game continues until only the winner remains.

5. Capture the flag

Capture the flag is one of the best camping games as it is also an excellent way to encourage fitness, teamwork, healthy competition, and strategic thinking.  Here are the mechanics for this fun-filled camping game:

  1. Divide the area into two distinct territories to prepare it. The two territories must be easily distinguishable from one another. Check that the areas are both spacious and free of tripping hazards.
  2. Split your group into two equal-sized teams where each must hide their flag somewhere in their territory, with only a portion visible.
  3. Players must work together to locate and retrieve the opposing team’s flag without being tagged. They are free to devise any strategy they want as long as they follow the game’s rules.
  4. If an opposing team member tags a player, they are sent to a “jail zone,” where they must remain until one of their teammates unfreezes them. You can also change the rules to replace the jail zone with tasks the tagged player must complete, such as running in place or sit-ups.
  5. The winner is the first team to safely capture the opposing team’s flag and return it to their territory.

6. Tug of War

Few camping games are as enjoyable and straightforward to play as tug-of-war.  The only requirements for playing are:

  1. A lengthy rope
  2. A ribbon or a flag
  3. Areas for both teams

Separate the playing area into two sections by clearly marking the dividing line. Tie the ribbon or flag to the center of the playing rope then divide your group into two equal teams. Each side should have roughly the same number of players and weight. The team to pull the flag across the dividing line wins.

family camping games - girl with map

7. Wink murder

This is another enjoyable game that can engage people of all ages.  To get started, put enough scraps of paper in a bowl for everyone to choose from. Make sure one piece of paper has the letter “D” and the other has “M.” Leave the remaining fields blank.

The person who picks the D is the detective, while the person who got the M is the murderer. The detective will be trying to figure out who the murderer is while the murderer winks at the other players without the detective noticing. After being winked at, players must fall to the floor for all to see.

The game ends when the detective discovers who the murderer is or when the murderer can “wink” all the other players without being discovered.

8. Other indoor games

Board games are also great options. These are timeless family indoor games that bring joy to everyone and the best news here is that there are camping-inspired board games available today.

Here are some of my recommended camping board games:

  1. Jenga
  2. Pictionary
  3. Yahtzee
  4. Bananagrams

And if you thing everyone has been getting on too well – Monopoly – haha

Don’t forget about card games. They are a simple way to unwind and relax at the end of a long day spent outside and they can also help children develop their concentration and memory.  Good family card games include:

  1. Uno
  2. Go Fish
  3. Crazy Eights
  4. Speed
  5. Matching
  6. Old Maid
  7. Rummy
  8. Slapjack
  9. Phase 10


And there they are, my 8 camping games for the entire gang. I would be pleased to know how this article helped you, and as usual,  let me know of your experiences here.

Also, please do not hesitate to comment below if you have any questions, concerns, corrections, or would like me to check anything else out for you.

Until next time.

Have fun


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