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Hey there my fellow fishing enthusiasts. Today we are going to take a look at the weird and wonderful with my 5 beach fishing accessories you didn’t know you needed. Well weird and wonderful is probably a little strong however these are those little bits and pieces that can certainly make things a little easier for you whilst fishing on the beach.

Whether the advantages come from multiple use options (so we can carry less) or just things to simplify what we are doing, then they should certainly be of assistance to us. Let’s check them out…

1. Umbrella Anchor/Fishing Rod Holder

If you have read any of my posts in regards to surf fishing you will know that I include a fishing rod holder in my list of ‘must have’ items to take to the beach. What I have found here however is an implement that can not only work as a sturdy rod holder, but a beach umbrella anchor as well.

The holder screws into the sand and includes a mounting screw for extra stability too. Oh, and if the fish are not biting and you want to play volleyball instead, then two of these will hold your net posts as well (or a flag, net, gaffer hook or just about anything else you use that has a pole or handle).

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2. Chair Clamp Fishing Rod Holder

While we are on the rod holder bandwagon, what could be better than being able to incorporate two beach fishing requirements into one item. The chair clamp fishing rod holder clamps onto the side of your favourite fishing chair allowing you to simply cast your line and then sit and wait for the bites with your rod right there with you.

The rubberized clamps will fit onto most folding type camp/fishing chairs to fit a number of rod sizes. Oh, and there is more – not only are these able to hold your fishing rod, but also double as a cup holder as well for those long lazy trips where it is more about the sun and sand than the fishing…

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3. Hands Free Bait Towel

OK, so we all know that if you are using fresh bait, then fishing can be a messy pastime. And if not, it is generally a wet one at the very least. Enter the bait towel. A bait towel is just like a normal hand towel, except is also has a carabiner clip on the side meaning you can bait your hook and then dry your hands without having to touch your reel, chair, drink or – you know you have all done it – wipe them on your pants.

And as above, even if you are only using lures, then you can at least keep your hands nice and dry before reaching into your tackle box or cooler as well. At the very least it will stop you taking the special guest hand towels from the linen cupboard before you go…

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4. Sport-Brella

For our first item on the list above we discussed anchors to keep your beach umbrella upright in the stand. However if you want something just a little smaller (beach umbrellas can be heavy to lug all that way as well) then the Sport-Brella provides the perfect solution.

These are little umbrellas that clip onto the back of your fishing chair to keep you in the shade as you hunt the big ones. And on a serious note, they provide UPF 50+ protection to help keep skin safe from 99.5% of UVA and UVB rays. They will attach to any tubular or square pole meaning they will work for you if you are on the kayak as well.

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5. Fishing Fanny Pack

We call them “bum bags” down here but regardless, you can add fishing to one of the many, many uses for the good old fanny pack. If you are someone who prefers to stand and deliver when fishing on the beach (and have hated all the chair based options above), then this is the pack for you.

These sit flush to your body meaning they are out of the way and allow you to keep extra lures, tackle, tools and so on with you at all times for easy access – and you could also clip your bait towel to it as well. It also contains a drink holder and dry pocket for your phone and wallet too allowing you to snap a quick pic of your monster catch all without leaving the water.

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And there they are – 5 beach fishing accessories you didn’t know you needed. I hope it has been helpful and as usual, please let me know of your experiences or any other tips you may have.

Also, please do not hesitate to comment below if you have any questions, concerns, corrections or would like me to check anything else out for you.

Until next time

Have fun


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