3 Best Surf Fishing Rod Holders

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Hey there my fellow fishing enthusiasts and welcome to my post covering my 3 best surf fishing rod holders to stick with this year. Those of you who have been fishing from the beach for a while will be more than aware that no matter how light your surf fishing rod and reel combo is, it can still get heavy after a few hours. Added to that, there are also times when the species of fish that you are chasing is not one that constantly bites meaning you may be leaving a heavy sinker and bait in the water for a decent length of time.

So to get around this issue, we use a rod holder. However, as per most things when it comes to fishing, there can be some variation in what’s available so grab yourself a nice cold beverage and a snack and let’s see if we can get you setup with a good surf fishing rod holder to aid you in your beach angling endeavours.

My 3 recommended rod holders for surf fishing

I will review these in more detail below but if you just want to get moving without all the carry on, my 3 are listed here for your convenience:

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What are surf fishing rod holders?

Ok, so as the name suggest, a surf fishing rod holder is an implement that digs into the sand and ‘holds’ your rod for you whilst the tackle and bait are in the water. Like anything, these can be purchased as a basic option (usually a metal pole with something on to to hold the rod) or more advanced models with bait boxes, chairs and so on attached.

As a base though, when it comes to rod holders, there are two types:

  • PVC tube: This is simply a PVC tube that has been cut at the angle at the bottoms that twists into the sand and sits the rod handle inside it .
  • Spike + holder: These holders generally consist of a stainless steel or aluminum spike with a holder of some description attached that spears into the sand. The holder part can be anything from a cradle, metal bracket or even PVC attached to the top.

You can even go with a DIY PVC version if it suits where you take some plumbing pipe (conduit), cut the bottom at an angle and off you go – it of course helps if you know a plumber!!

What should you be looking for?

Again, the function here is pretty simple in that you are looking for something that will hold your rod in the sand (with the reel out of the sand) and not fall over – which is the biggest problem with rod holders – especially if the shore break hits it. Even with this simplicity however, there are some influences to consider prior to purchase:

Type of sand – Where I fish, the sand can be quite ‘stony’ at times if there have been storms and a lot of sand has been washed away. When the beach is like this, it can be quite difficult to get the PVC holders to insert and stick in the sand. And trust me, rods falling into the water is the worst!

So, if you sand is full of rocks or stones or quite shallow (I.e. hard rock underneath) then I would suggest a spike setup. For general or course sand, then the PVC version will work well.

Rod holder length – In many cases, holders can be purchased at varying lengths. So again, if you are in soft sand or want to hold a heavy rod, then longer holders may work better than their shorter cousins.

Rod handle length – Some fishing rods have short handle ends (not sure if that is the correct term but hopefully you get my drift) meaning there is not a lot of space from the ‘user’ end of the rod to where the reel is attached. If this is the case, then PVC type holders may not be as effective as there is not enough handle inside it to keep it stable. In this case, a cradle type holder may work best. Some however do contain a little slot for the reel seat too.

Other stuff – Like anything, there are some really tricked out options out there. There are heavy-duty options available for those in big surf or with large equipment setups whilst others come with holders on the side for bait. I have even seen some with a drink holder and a chair attached. I haven’t; listed any with those here but if you like to sit a lot, then the convenience of a fishing rod holder with a chair might be worth the extra cost involved.

At the end of the day, you need something that is not too bulky but big and strong enough to hold your rod upright within the environment that you wish to fish in.

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What makes a good surf fishing rod holder?

Short answer – anything that will stick into the sand and hold the weight of your surf rod without you having to hold it. This can be a piece of plumber’s pipe or a made for purpose option however make sure it can be easily pushed into the sand and is long enough to hold your rod without tipping over – especially if hit by a shore break.

What Do I use?

A few years ago, I got a plumber mate of mine to make up about 6 PVC rod holders of different lengths. Over time, as materials such as this tend to do, many of them have deteriorated and cracked – and definitely not because I may or may not have left them outside for long periods of time. However, I still have one that I use and it absolutely suits my needs on any rod I have had.

However, as I mentioned above, sometimes the sand where we fish a lot can get quite rocky, so recently I purchased myself a long but simple stick holder that works very well at these times. I have included a similar model first up win my list below.

My three recommendations broken down

There are literally hundreds of fishing rod holders available online so I have chosen the following three in an attempt to give you options taking into consideration the information above. Based on this, I recommend the following options:

1. Berkley Fishing Rod Holder

This first one is the same type as I use for rocky sand and a great option for those looking to get themselves a decent fishing rod holder for a decent price. It is obviously very straight forward and simple but I love mine and it never falls over. Specifications as follows:

  • Powder coated steel
  • Corkscrew design holds most rods
  • 30cm (11″) in length

Other inclusions:

  • Nil

Why have I chosen it?

I like this one purely for its ability to hold a rod in the sand for the price. It will fit most surf fishing rods and great for those who want to travel light their destination. If you look around however, you may also find these with little bait boxes and even cutting boards attached as well.

2. Hurricane Tubular Sand Spike Rod Holder

Our next option is the PVC tube version of the rod holder that is (yep), a piece of PVC pipe with the end cut at an angle. This is a plain model of course but if you hunt around you can find options with rubber covers on the top or extra grooves for the reel handle to sit in as well. Its main specifications include:

  • 27″ of PVC pipe

Other inclusions:

  • None

Why have I chosen it?

Again, as above, this base model will do everything it is supposed to do, which is hold your rod upright in the sand. Perhaps the only thing to keep in mind here (and the opposite problem to our first option above) is that this one might be a bit long for some areas so if this is the type you are after, you may need hunt around for a shorter option.

3. Basune Fishing Rod Holder

The third option I have chosen is the cradle type for those with shorter handles or like to keep their rod on an angle (they are also good for a river bank). These ones are made of stainless steel but of course, as with everything fishing based, there are higher level models with rubber cradle bases and tie downs as well. Specifications as follows:

  • 1.38″ width making it wide enough for most spinning, casting and spincast rods
  • 8.7″ (22cm) spike and 3.1″ cradle

Other inclusions:

  • Foldable for easy transportation (such as in a backpack)

Why have I chosen it?

Again, this is a great one for those looking for a cradle type holder for a good price with specifications that make it a very versatile option for most conditions and needs in most surf fishing environments.

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Now before we go, I must admit something here in that I was actually quite surprised by the variation and additions that rod holders come with these days. I mean when I started this post I thought I might struggle to find stuff to write about but now I feel I may not have covered enough. So above I have obviously shown you the base models of each type of rod holder so that you can see the differences and make a choice based on your environment.

If, however you are looking for something a bit higher up the inclusions scale, or simple just want to see what else is out there, then click here for more options such as:

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And there they are – my 3 best surf fishing rod holders to stick with this year. I hope it has been helpful and as usual, please let me know of your experiences with them.

Also, please do not hesitate to comment below if you have any questions, concerns, corrections or would like me to check anything else out for you.

Until next time

Have fun


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