3 Best Fishing Chairs With A Rod Holder

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Hey there my fellow fishing enthusiasts and welcome to my post covering my 3 best fishing chairs with a rod holder to sit a pole in this year. Now we know there is the option to purchase ourselves both a good fishing chair and a rod holder separately however if you want to travel light, or have a bit of stuff to take, then a chair with a holder can make it just one less thing to carry with you.

And of course then anything we can find that can perform more than one function, the easier it can be to get ourselves to the water’s edge. So with this in mind, let’s see if we can find a fishing chair with a rod holder attached to assist us in our endeavours…

My 3 recommended fishing chairs with rod holders

I will review these in more detail below but if you just want to get moving without all the carry on, my 3 are listed here for your convenience:

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What is a fishing chair with rod holder?

Ummm, look, a chair is a chair and many of us get by with our trusty camping chair – however when it comes to chairs that are generally classed as those designed for fishing, it is usually less about the ‘sitting’ but and more about the extras that come with it. And in this case, that extra is obviously a rod holder. So then what we are looking at here is a fishing chair that comes with a rod holder attached as part of its base offering meaning we don’t need to find an extra attachment or bring one separately.

And of course as we are all aware, when it comes to fishing there are fit-for-purpose options for just about everything – chairs included – so for those looking to get themselves a good one, let’s check out some of the main considerations below:

Best Fishing Chairs With A Rod Holder - fold chair with rod attached

What should you be looking for?

So, with all of the options that are available, let’s check out some of the things to look at as you consider your fishing chair purchase – of course when we look at this list below we are assuming the rod holder is in place…

Terrain – We all know that areas adjacent to many fishing grounds are uneven, muddy, rocky or sandy. Some are more so than others so if you will be sitting in really soft sand for example, then you may want to make sure that your surf fishing chair is not going to sink. Alternatively, if the area is rocky, then some thin, stable legs may be needed.

Size – Smaller chairs tend to be less comfortable than the bigger options however are usually lighter and easier to carry. Choose your size accordingly.

Weight – As above, if you are going to be traveling a bit further to get to your favourite fishing spot (and you don’t have a fishing cart), then lugging a big, heavy chair is not what you want to be doing.

Frame material – Saltwater conditions will make stuff rust – check the composition of your chair prior to purchase – Look for an aluminium or durable plastic frame

Additions – This next option really comes down to whether you want to use any old chair from the garage or get yourself a proper fishing option. There are a good number of additional extras that a fishing chair can include such as:

  • Backpack
  • Drink holders
  • Cooler bag
  • Bait buckets
  • Table
  • Cutting board

Note: Not all options that I list below will have all of these however the list above includes some of the things I have seen come with fishing chairs so if they are a need, then have a look around for some with these inclusions.


Is a fishing chair with a rod holder worth it?

In my humble opinion, absolutely. I mean what can be better than the ability to sit and enjoy some hands free fishing at the same time. And of course having a rod holder attached to your chair simply means you have one less thing to carry to your fishing spot as well.

My 3 recommendations broken down

As mentioned, there are a few different fishing chair options available online so I have chosen the following three in an attempt to give you some choices taking into consideration the information above – and of course with a rod holder attached. Based on this, I recommend the following options:

1. WILD REPUBLIC Folding Fishing Chair with Rod Holder

The first chair I have chosen is for those of you who walk a little distance to where they fish. It is lightweight and folds down for easy transportation all with 3 rod holders included. It is made of a quality aluminium frame, 600D polyester fabric and also includes:

  • Easy carry handles
  • Backrest
  • 3 rod holders built in to frame
  • Supports up to 300lb
  • Anti slip feet

Why have I chosen it?

This is a great one for those looking for a decent, versatile and lightweight chair that will handle any type of fishing with ease as well as any other need you may have for it. It is easy to setup and fold down with the ability to carry and of course, the three rod holders allow for some great hands free fishing.

2. Bass Pro Shops Lunker Lounger Fishing Chair

This next one is for those who want just a bit more comfort and chair additions whilst fishing. The frame is made of extremely durable powder coated stainless steel with plastic feet to keep it sturdy in all terrain. And to assist with transportation, it also folds down into its own carry bag. Other additions include:

  • 2 adjustable rod holders that allow you to change the angle and position of the rod
  • 2 cup holders
  • Storage bag at back
  • Under-seat mesh pocket that holds a 360-sized tackle box
  • Supports up to 400lb

Why have I chosen it?

I like this one as it is an all in one fishing chair that with all the accessories you will need when throwing a line. I like the fact that the included rod holders are adjustable making it suitable for all conditions. For those who like to travel light but still be able to sit on a nice strong chair, this one may just be the ticket.

3. Tuscany Pro Backpack Fishing Chair

My final option here is for those who either like a big comfy chair, or spend a real lot of time fishing. It is a full sized chair designed for optimum comfort and stability with all aluminum construction making it light in weight with a strong 600d polyester fabric seat and backrest. And whilst it doesn’t have the storage options of the option above, it does include:

  • Rod holder on side
  • Cup holder
  • Padded carry straps for easy transportation
  • Supports up to 250lb

Why have I chosen it?

I have a chair like this (without the fishing additions) and they really are very comfortable. It is lightweight and easy to carry and I also love the fact that it has a rod holder on the side. For those day long sessions, you could definitely do a lot worse that this one.

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Does your fishing chair not have a rod holder?

For those of you who have a chair but would love it if it could hold your rod as well, I found these in my research…


And there they are – my 3 best fishing chairs with a rod holder to sit a pole in this year. I hope it has been helpful and as usual, please let me know of your experiences with them.

Also, please do not hesitate to comment below if you have any questions, concerns, corrections or would like me to check anything else out for you.

Until next time

Have fun


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4 thoughts on “3 Best Fishing Chairs With A Rod Holder”

  1. Thanks for a great review on fishing chairs that have built in rod holders. 

    I have been searching for straight forward and  honest review on  this subject and your article hit the mark. I found it easy to read and simple to read.

    I am looking for a Holiday gift for a dear friend who is an avid fisherman that is getting on in years and is not so balanced on his feet as he used to be. (this does not stop him fishing though!)  He is also quite a heavy man and  so I was looking for a lightweight but sturdy chair to meet his needs. 

    I found your review of the Bass Pro Shops Lunker Lounger Fishing Chair especially helpful and definitely the sort of fishing chair I was looking for. I will definitely check it out. Thanks again for some really helpful info.

  2. The one I liked the most is the Tuscany Pro. It’s very convenient to be able to carry it in backpack. I had a fishing chair many years ago that was a pain to carry around. And I find it cool that it has padded carry straps and that it holds up to 250 lb. I have made my mind to get this one. Thanks for your help.


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