4 Best Outdoor Camping Chairs

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Hey there my fellow outdoor enthusiasts and welcome to my post covering my 4 best outdoor camping chairs to relax on in 2022. Now, anybody who has been camping will know that it is a time when we tend to do a lot of sitting. Whether it be eating, drinking, sitting by the fire or simply lounging around with that book that you have been wanting to read for a while, chances are you are doing it on a camping chair.

On these occasions, a nice comfy option can certainly be of advantage. The issue as always however is that when you head out on that much awaited camping trip, the lighter the load the better… So with this in mind, let’s see if we can find a good outdoor camping chair to keep us comfortable as we get about doing not much…

My 4 recommended outdoor camping chairs

I will review these in more detail below but if you just want to get to sitting without all the carry on, my 4 are listed here for your convenience:

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What are outdoor camping chairs?

When it comes to chairs that are generally classed as those designed for camping in the great outdoors, it is usually less about the ‘sitting’ but and more about the extras that come with it. That said, a simple folding variety will usually do the trick however as with everything else in the camping world, there are others with all the bells and whistles included as well.

Whether it be something to hold your drink, open your beer or for those who like to hike to their favourite camping ground, there is certainly something for everybody. So for those of you looking to get themselves a good outdoor camping chair to suit your own needs, let’s check out some of the main considerations below:

best outdoor camping chairs - camping chair

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What should you be looking for?

So, with all of the options that are available, let’s check out some of the things to look at as you consider your new camping chair purchase.

Terrain – The beauty of camping is that you can fund yourself in all sorts of weird and wonderful places. This means that you may be plonking yourself down on a number of different ground elements such as rock, gravel, grasses or even, God forbid, mud. Just make sure that the footing of your chair is adaptable to these different elements. For example, you may need a thicker base if you are on sand or thinner legs for rocky or gravelly campgrounds.

Size – Smaller chairs tend to be less comfortable than the bigger options however are usually lighter and easier to carry. Choose your size accordingly.

Weight – If you are going to be traveling a bit further to get to your favourite camping grounds then lugging a big, heavy chair is not what you want to be doing.

Additions – This next option really comes down to whether you want to use any old chair from the garage or get yourself a proper camping number that will be the envy of all your friends – which as we know is part of what camping is all about.

There are a good number of additional extras that a camping chair can include such as:

  • Drink holders – well, because you need one
  • Cooler bag – you don’t even have to get up
  • Table – for snacks, phones and so on
  • Bottle opener – mine has a little bottle opener attached to it – it is the best thing about it I think
  • Backpack – i.e. the chair is attached to a backpack which is great for the hiker-campers
  • Fishing Rod holders – for those who want to double as a camping and fishing chair

I have a friend whose chair lounges back like a home recliner and comes with a table, drink holder and umbrella clip. It is bulky and hard to carry but boy is it comfortable.

Frame material – If you are beach camping, or around water a lot then you so carry the risk of your chair rusting. Look for an aluminium or a durable plastic frame if this is where you will do the majority of your camping.

Fire – Quite often where there is camping there is fire. Check that your chair is fire retardant. Polyester will do the trick here – mine has little holes in it from fire embers but does not catch on fire.


What should I look for in a camping chair?

When it comes to a camping chair, keep in mind that its main two purposes are to allow for ease of transportation and be comfortable. Look for something lightweight and folds down simply as well as being large enough to sit in without the frame pushing against your thighs (I hate that). Oh, and a little padding helps too.

What Do I use?

My camping choice is a standard aluminum and polyester job (carrying the logo of my favourite football team). It is not as light as some but it does have a carry bag that I can sling over my shoulder and includes a drink holder and wet pocket for spare drinks and wet gear etc.as well.

best outdoor camping chairs - my chair

At the end of the day, this is all I need as it doubles as my fishing chair and folds down enough so that it doesn’t take up too much room in the camping pile either. I will say however that I am very tempted to go the recliner option for the pure comfort, relaxation and ability to make my mates jealous as well – haha.

My 4 recommendations broken down

As mentioned, there are a few different camping chair options available online so I have chosen the following four in an attempt to give you some choices taking into consideration the information above. Based on this, I recommend the following:

1. Coleman Camping Chair

The first chair I have chosen is the closest to the type I use and great those of you who are looking for a straight forward camping chair with some extra options as well. It is lightweight and folds down into its very own carry bag for ease of moving around and is made of a quality aluminium frame and polyester material. It also includes:

  • Mesh side pocket
  • Cooler bag in main compartment
  • Mesh drink holders on side
  • Adjustable arm heights
  • Supports up to 325 pounds
  • Bottle opener attached to arm rest

Why have I chosen it?

This is a great one for those looking for a decent, versatile and lightweight chair that will handle camping with ease as well as any other need you may have for it. It is easy to setup and fold down with the ability to carry without needing an extra hand.

2. OneTigris Camping Backpacking Chair

Now we look to the hikers amongst us with a super lightweight option that folds down into a backpack or carry bag with ease. It is made of 600D durable polyester fabric and high strength aluminum alloy 7075 with non-slip plastic feet for extra stability no matter where you are. Other features include:

  • Weighs only 2lb
  • Supports up to 330lb
  • Breathable fabric
  • Available in 7colors

Why have I chosen it?

I like this one as it is super light in weight whilst maintaining optimum strength for use in all environments and conditions. It doesn’t have all the extras of the others but all in all, for those who like to travel light but still be able to sit on a nice strong chair, this one may just be the ticket.

3. GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Portable Folding

This next one is for those who want a bit more comfort whilst camping with some extra backrest support and hydraulic rockers attached just for good measure. The frame is made of extremely durable powder coated stainless steel with plastic feet to keep it stable on soft surfaces. It also includes:

  • Mesh breathable backrest
  • Insulated drink holder
  • Easily folded for portability
  • Padded armrests
  • Supports up to 250lb

Why have I chosen it?

Did I mention that it is an outdoor rocking chair? I mean, where has this one been all my life? My personal needs aside however it has a nice strong backrest and is durable enough for all conditions as well. It is probably not as portable as the options above however if you have plenty of room in the truck or RV, then why not rock your way to relaxation?

4. EVER ADVANCED Oversize XL Zero Gravity Recliner Padded Patio Lounger Chair

Ok, my final option here is for those who either like a big comfy chair, or spend a real lot of time sitting while they camp. This is exactly the same chair as my friend mentioned above likes to roll out and is designed for optimum comfort and stability on all surfaces. It has an all aluminum construction which actually makes it quite light for its size with a strong cushioned polyester fabric seat and backrest. It is also fully tricked out including:

  • Adjustable recliner settings
  • Table with drink holder on side
  • Head rest included
  • Supports up to 350lbs
  • Footrest at bottom

Why have I chosen it?

As I have said, my friend has one of these and they really are very comfortable. Granted it is bulky, not so easy to carry and take up a bit of storage room but once you sit in it, it really is hard to care. If camping for you involves a lot of sitting then you could definitely do a lot worse than investing in this one.

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And there they are – my 3 best outdoor camping chairs to relax on this year. I hope it has been helpful and as usual, please let me know of your experiences with them.

Also, please do not hesitate to comment below if you have any questions, concerns, corrections or would like me to check anything else out for you.

Until next time

Have fun


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6 thoughts on “4 Best Outdoor Camping Chairs”

  1. Hi Paul,
    This article caught my interest simply because when it comes to outdoor chairs I am a bit of a novice. As I am a taller male is there a particular chair you would recommend so I don’t get pains in my back when sitting down

    • Hey there, yeah, I am 6ft tall myself and find that the good foldout chairs (like the one I showed I use) or the last fold out lounge option will be best here. Let me know how you go


  2. Hello. I like EVER ADVANCED Oversize XL chair. This has helped my back and neck while sitting outside. This one is my favorite because it has some cushion while other ones like it I own so not. This is the only zero gravity chair I would buy again. Thanks for cheering. 

  3. I have never really been camping but I am always open to trying out new things. Can I use these camp chairs anytime or are they made specifically for camping only? I was thinking of using the at a small get together with friends. What do you think? Thank you so much for this review. I have learnt a lot about camping chairs 

    • We definitely use our camping chairs everywhere from BBQs to parties or just sitting out the front with our neighbours.

      Thanks for stopping by



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