3 Best Braid Fishing Line Options For Surf Fishing

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Hey there my fellow fishing enthusiasts. Today, I am going to see what we can stitch together as I discuss my 3 best braid fishing line options for surf fishing this year. The braid vs mono debate is an ongoing one with strong opinion on what is better for fishing in the surf. Personally, I tend to edge towards the braid side of things on most of my reels as I like to have a stronger line and like the way it feels when I fish with it.

My 3 recommended braid fishing line options for surf fishing

So, what’s the best braided fishing line? I will review these in more detail below but if you just want to get moving without all the carry on, my 3 recommended choices are listed here for your convenience:

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What is braided fishing line?

Ok, so first thing we probably need to do here is quickly outline the fishing line type we are discussing. So here is what you are looking at when it comes to braid.

As the name may suggest, braided line consists of a number of strands of a polyethylene compound (some still use natural materials such as cotton or silk as well) that are braided together to form a single line. Braid has been developed over time to produce a line that is generally thinner, stronger and more sensitive than mono with greater abrasion resistance.

It is longer lasting than monofilament line (one of the reasons that fluorocarbon has been developed) however not as easy to handle and rig – especially for those new to fishing. It has no stretch to it meaning that a mono leader is usually tied to the end to account for a little stretch when casting and the fact that it braid really doesn’t tie to tackle very well at all.

Why use Braid in the surf?

Look, there are a lot of fishermen out there who swear by braid in the surf. Some will say it is due to the extra strength for the width – meaning you can put a heavier line on the spool than you could with mono – whilst others say it is good for light tackle as it has extra sensitivity and will cast a little further.

However, if I am being honest here, if you are new to surf fishing just get mono. It is easier to tie and will not tangle as much (and easier to untangle if you do). Alternatively, if you generally fish in areas with strong currents or winds, then the smaller diameter of braid is a real plus.

Braid Pros

  • Thinner than most mono lines – meaning more can be spooled onto the reel
  • Longer casting
  • Generally stronger when line sizes are the same
  • More durable and longer lasting
  • More resistant to abrasions and fish bites
  • Does not hold shape
  • More sensitive giving greater bite detection
  • Better in stronger currents or winds

Braid Cons

  • No stretch meaning will snap if snagged or larger fish bites
  • Harder to manage than mono
  • Will usually need to be attached to a mono leader – for some added stretchiness when casting
  • More expensive than mono (although not much more than fluorocarbon and the price is coming down)
  • Lack of stretch can put more pressure on equipment
  • If it tangles or knots it is almost impossible to fix
  • Can be more visible to fish

Spool capacity

Ok, so the above outlines the pros, cons and some of the recommended uses for braid line. As you mull over your purchase there is however one other influence to consider. When it comes to purchasing a new line – you must match your line size to the reel. This is because the size of the spool generally determines the size, length and strength of the line that you can load into it.

Spinning reels

When it comes to spinning reels, there is a simple way to work this all out which via the first number in the side. You see a fishing reel may be rated for example as a ’20’ or a ‘2000’. If this is the case, the ‘2’ is the common denominator and what you match the line to (this is not an exact science but it works for me). So, then all you need to do is match the line kilogram/pound strength to the spool. To make this easier, I have whipped up a little table below:

Reel SizeSuggested MonoSuggested BraidSuggested Rod Length*
10 or 10001- 2 kg/2 – 4 lb4 – 8 lb6-7 ft (line rating 1-4kg)
20 or 20002- 3 kg/4 – 6 lb5 – 10 lb6-7 ft (line rating 2-5kg)
25 or 25002.5- 4 kg/5 – 8 lb5 – 12 lb6-7 ft (line rating 2-5kg)
40 or 40004- 6 kg/8 – 12 lb8 – 12 lb8-10 ft (line rating 3-10kg)
60 or 60006- 8 kg/12 – 16 lb12 – 30 lb8-10 ft (line rating 4-10kg)

If the line if too big, you will generally enter the painful world of birds nest city (when too much spools off at once and tangles) and too small and you will be lamenting a snapped line every time you try and cast with a bigger sinker – or worse – if you catch a bigger fish.


Baitcaster reels however work in a slightly different manner. As they can generally handle heavier line than spinners, and can cast further, the more line you can fit onto the spool the better. Baitcaster reel spool size is usually categorised as the length of line that can be loaded by line size.

For example, the reel may be specified as capable of loading “150 yards at 30lbs braid capacity – or 30/150”. Some manufacturers will also stipulate maximum and minimum line weight limits as well.

braid fishing line for surf - stripe


Whilst some disagree (the thing I love about fishing), if you are using braid, then you are generally going to need a mono leader. In short, a leader is the piece of fishing line that is tied between the end of the spooled braid and the swivel, and then the swivel and the hook. There are a number of reasons for it including:

  • Adds some stretchiness to the rig – great for casting and if you get a snag
  • Higher invisibility can be achieved with a different leader – especially if fluorocarbon is used
  • Mono leaders will assist in bottom fishing where you want the line to sink easier

And even though one of the advantages of braid is it’s extremely high break strength. The results above can be improved via the use of a stronger line than is spooled on the reel. For example, you might have a 3000 sized spinner reel with 14lb braid spooled. As you rig the line, you might choose to use a 15 – 20lb flouro leader at the hook end to increase stretch and abrasion resistance when casting and fishing.

It should be noted however that if the knot tying the spooled braid and mono leader is too big, then casting can be affected as it pushes past the rod eyelets.


What braid should I use for surf fishing?

When fishing in the surf, you are usually exposed to a number of different species so I would recommend around 20 to 40lb. That said, I have a surf rod with 10lb braid and 20lb flouro leader and it is a lot of fun with a bigger fish on.

What color braid is best for surf fishing?

This is one of those questions that everyone has a different answer to. Some say clear/white whilst others swear by pink for the surf. I have always used green or yellow and never had any problem catching fish. A friend of mine has been trialing red braid and says it works a treat too.

Who makes the best braided fishing line

This is definitely a matter of opinion however for mine, you can’t go past Berkley. That said, Kastking is a major best seller on Amazon. I personally also quite like the Australian platypus brand – as long as you can get past the bright pink color of the line.

What do I use?

As I mentioned above, when I look to add a new line to a reel, I generally go for braid. I just like the feel of it when fishing and enjoy the extra strength that it has. (Although I have also of course used a lot of full mono setups in my time – when I first started fishing I am not even sure braid existed hahaha).

I have tried a lot of brands however and I tend to choose Berkley if I can, however if not, I try and stick to the following rules:

  1. When it comes to fishing line – you definitely get what you pay for. I always recommend sticking to the tried and true brands and avoid the bargain box.
  2. Always match the size to the capacity of your reel – boy have I had some issues when loading braid line that is too big.
  3. Same goes for length – load too much braid and you will end up with a birds nest for sure.

My three recommendations broken down

As with anything, there are a lot of options available online when it comes to braided fishing line. So I have chosen the following three in an attempt to give you some choices taking into consideration my rules above in terms of quality whilst looking at the best price I can find with the best feedback/reviews. Based on this, I recommend the following options:

1. Hercules Super Cast Braided Fishing Line

This first one is a great option for those looking to get themselves some good fishing line a decent price. It comes in a number of colours and length options with a high number of positive reviews and low cost. Specifications for this line option are as follows:

  • Line type: 8x strand braids with diamond weave structure
  • Strength: 10 – 300 lb
  • Colours: 16 colour options
  • Length: 109 – 1094 yards dependent upon budget

Other advantages:

  • Great knot strength & abrasion resistance
  • Great line for a great price

Why have I chosen it?

I like this one purely for its versatility for the price. It will fit most reels for general surf fishing and great for beginners and experienced fishers alike. I think a great option for the budget minded.


2. KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line

Our next option is a strong braid that is a little narrower than most others for those looking to get that little extra line onto their spool. It again comes with a huge number of positive reviews and is not too expensive as well. Its specifications include:

  • Line type: 4 x strand braids
  • Strength: 8 – 150 lb
  • Colours: 5 colours
  • Length: 327 – 1097 yards

Other advantages:

  • Ultra-high sensitivity & zero stretch
  • Smaller diameter for more capacity and great wind casting

Why have I chosen it?

This is the best option I could find review wise with all the durability and versatility to meet the needs of fisherman of all levels. Again, the smaller diameter makes it also an advantage for those who need more line (such as if using a drone) or cast in really windy conditions.


3. Berkley FireLine Ultra 8 Superline Braided Fishing Line

The third line I have chosen is for the simple reason that I recently purchased it and in scientific terms – it rocks!!. It is smooth and easy to spool and casts really well too. As mentioned above, I tend to favour Berkley lines over others if I can get it and this one didn’t let me down. Specifications as follows:

  • Line type: 8 strand highest-tenacity Dyneema PE fiber
  • Strength: 4 – 30 lb
  • Colours: Crystal, flouro yellow or smoke
  • Length: 125 – 1500 yards dependent whether line or leader

Other advantages:

  • 4x more abrasion resistant
  • Rounder, more consistent line Structure

Why have I chosen it?

As mentioned above, I have used this one on my baitcaster reel and found it easy to use, tie and cast – and it is even easier to fix when the line tangles (still learning the baitcaster haha). Apart from all of that, this is a great one for those looking for a good quality braid to suit most conditions. Its specifications make it a very versatile option for most needs in all fishing environments as well.

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And there it is – my 3 best braid fishing line options for surf fishing this year. I hope it has been helpful and as usual, please let me know of your experiences with them. I would love to hear why you love one over the other below!

Also, please do not hesitate to comment below if you have any questions, concerns, corrections or would like me to check anything else out for you.

Until next time

Have fun


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