3 Best Fishing Dry Bags

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Hey there my fellow fishing enthusiasts and welcome to my post covering my 3 best fishing dry bag options to keep your stuff water free in 2021. As we know, fishing can be a fairly wet process at the best of times – after all, fish do live in water hey. And even though I know we rarely have to stand in it to fish, we are often in places where water can affect us such as on the beach or in a kayak or boat.

In many of these instances, there really is no place to keep our stuff such as towels, clothing, wallets, phones etc. dry and protected from sea spray, wind and even rain…

So let’s get out of the elements and see if we can find a good dry bag to suit our fishing needs…

My 3 recommended fishing dry bags

I will review these in more detail below but if you just want to get moving without all the carry on, my 3 are listed here for your convenience:

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What is a fishing dry bag?

Ok, so there is a good chance that you are probably wondering why you may need this if you have a good fishing backpack or tackle bag – especially if they is a dry section included within it. If this is the case, then you probably don’t. However if you are only using a small tackle box, or need to take some more stuff with you whilst kayaking or fishing out on the open, then a dry bag may suit you a little better.

For the purpose of this post then, we are looking at those bags that are made specifically for one reason – to keep your stuff dry.

fishing dry bag - 4 bags

What should you be looking for?

Surprisingly, there is quite a bit of variation when it comes to fishing dry bags. Hence, the type you choose may depend on:

Size – This is probably an obvious statement but the first thing to consider is exactly how much stuff you want/need to take with you. Dry bags range form a small size that fits a wallet and phone up to duffel bag type options that will take enough clothing etc. for a week.

Space – The next consideration is how much actual space you have to keep your bag in. Obviously on a beach there is plenty of space however you will still need to lug it there. This may limit the size you have if you are trying to jam it into your fishing cart for example. And of course if you are on a kayak, then space will definitely be limited as to where you can put it whilst out on the water.

Storage options – As with all bags, there are variations into what and where items can be stored. The basic models are simply a large bag that snaps shut at the top for a water tight seal. Others have spots for phones etc. or separate sections for wet and dry gear.

Carry options – As mentioned above, a dry bag can in reality just be another thing to carry to your fishing grounds. However you do this may determine what you purchase as some come with just a carry handle whilst others have should pads to allow it to work as a backpack.

Other inclusions – If you look hard enough, you can find some with cup holders, mesh pockets, elastic straps and even rod holders. Think about what you need and go from there.

At the end of the day, you need something that is lightweight and small enough to keep transportation simple but large enough to carry everything you need whilst fishing.

fishing dry bag - bag in kayak


Why take a dry bag fishing?

Dry bags are a great option if you are fishing in areas that are susceptible to being wet such as the beach, on rocks or in a kayak. In these instances, dry bags will ensure that you can keep stuff such as your wallet, keys and phone completely dry – and not to mention a nice dry towel and change of clothing if needed as well.

My three recommendations broken down

Ok, so I have had a good look around and found three versions of a fishing dry pack that can account for some, or all of the considerations I have listed above. I have outlined these below:

1. Piscifun Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack

This first one is a great option for those looking to get themselves a good dry bag at a good price. It is available in a number of sizes and folds down completely making it good for those with not a lot of home storage space. Specifications as follows:

  • Size – 5L 10L 20L 30L 40L
  • Composition – Fully waterproof 500D PVC
  • Handle – Rubber hand carry strap

Other inclusions:

  • Mesh pouch and elastic straps at front
  • Separate IPS8 certified waterproof phone case
  • Available in 4 different colours

Why have I chosen it?

I like this one purely for its size options, inclusion and composition for the price. It is light weight, easily stored and I think a good option for those who just want a good dry bag for fishing without too much fuss. Oh and it floats too meaning you will not lose your stuff if it falls overboard.

2. BASSDASH Waterproof TPU Backpack

This next one is good for those who want something that is a little more fishing specific with the potential to use as a tackle bag as well. This one is a backpack with space inside for towels etc. as well as a small tacklebox and a slot for phones etc. too. Best of all, it has a rod holder on the side as well. Its specs include:

  • Size – 24L
  • Composition – Fully waterproof 420D nylon fabric
  • Handle – Adjustable padded shoulder straps with d-ring attachments

Other inclusions:

  • Rod holder and stretch mesh water bottle holders on sides
  • Inside zippered pocket for phone, keys, wallet etc.
  • Molle straps on front for tools etc.
  • 3 colour options

Why have I chosen it?

Put simply, this is a great option for fishermen who want a fishing backpack that is completely waterproof. It is double lined for extra toughness and large enough to hold most needs for a day or night out with lines in the water.

3. Oak Creek Canyon Falls 30L Dry Bag Backpack

The third option I have chosen is designed for those who travel a fair way to their fishing grounds and want something that is comfortable and completely waterproof for their gear as well. Its heavy-duty design will withstand just about anything you could throw at it with external pockets for water bottles and tools as well. Its specifications include:

  • Size – 30L
  • Composition – Fully waterproof heavy gauge PVC
  • Handle – Adjustable padded shoulder straps with d-ring attachments

Other inclusions:

  • Mesh net side pockets for water bottles
  • Zippered front pocket for wallets, phones etc.
  • Bungee corded exterior to hold tools or even rods

Why have I chosen it?

This is a great one for those looking for a little more quality or slightly larger specifications that make it a very versatile option for most conditions and needs in both inland and ocean settings – especially if you need to walk a bit further to go fishing.

02/18/2024 07:44 am GMT Lasso Brag


And there it is – my 3 best fishing dry bag options to keep your stuff water free this year. I hope it has been helpful and as usual, please let me know of your experiences with them.

Also, please do not hesitate to comment below if you have any questions, concerns, corrections or would like me to check anything else out for you.

Until next time

Have fun


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