7 Best Gift Ideas For Campers

Hey there campers. If you are a passionate about the outdoors and camping and have been dropping hints for some camping gear for your birthday, anniversary or for Christmas etc. then it is time to open this post and leave it in the eyesite of whomever it is that you hope will purchase it for you. And to help you out I have outlined my 7 best gift ideas for campers.

Now of course this doesn’t mean they can’t get us something we already have but I have gone a little rogue here to list the things that we always want, but probably wouldn’t purchase for ourselves… Let’s check them out…

Standard gifts

Before we start however, I did touch on above the fact that when it comes to camping, there are some things that we can always do with including:

The above is also a good starting point if you are purchasing for a beginner who is just starting out. In this case, just about any other staple for camping will also work well.

However, for those who have everything, here is some cool stuff to consider…

1. Winter Camping Jacket

This may seem like a weird one to start with however if your camper is anything like me, then they will already have a good jacket for home and going out but not one for camping. And why do we need a separate option for these times? Well….

  1. Because camping can be a dirty or messy pastime (especially if a fire is involved) so this jacket can get a little soiled without any worry.
  2. It can get a lot colder outside in the wilderness in winter than it may between the house and car and wherever else you are going inside. Hence, a camping jacket might be rated a little warmer than the options used at home.
  3. There is something really cool about a jacket that is used only for camping – putting it on just makes the whole thing feel good!

2. Insulated Cup

Our next option is one that whilst being purchased as a camping related gift, can also be used in any number of other scenarios as well. Insulated cups or mugs (often call travel mugs) are those that keep beverages cold/hot for a good amount of time – which is great when sitting around the campsite extended periods.

There are plenty of options out there so when choosing, consider for the following:

  • Price – In my experience, insulated mugs are definitely an area where price matters. I am not expecting you to pay a fortune here however I would highly advise avoidance of the cheapies.
  • Insulation: Insulation is key and can be made of glass, plastic or stainless steel (my recommendation for camping as they will not shatter if dropped on rocks etc). Regardless of how it is done however, if it is not insulated the cup is not going to do what you want it to do.
  • Lids: Most come with lids as part of their insulation specifications. If you can get one that is spill proof (after all, camping is a place for spills) then you are on the right track.
  • Washability: Check to see if the mug is dishwasher-safe. If they are strong enough for the dishwasher, then you can expect that they can handle the rigours of camping as well.
gifts for campers - selfie in snow

3. Collapsible fire pit

Collapsible fire pits are a great option for campers as whilst many campsites do provide designated campfire pits for use, many of these are either too far away from the campsite or set up for communal use only. And if the camping area allows it, it can just be really nice to be able to have a campfire right by your own camp setup.

This is why a collapsible campfire pit can be such a great gift. They are portable, lightweight and inexpensive meaning they are suitable for whatever camping your intended recipient intends to do. And don’t forget the opportunity to set it up in the back yard for the birthday or Christmas party as well.

4. Hammock

Now who doesn’t love a good hammock. There is just something soothing about tying it between two trees, climbing in (without tipping it over and falling out of course) and watching the sky. And in my experience, a hammock is always on the list of things that we would like to get “when we get around to it” or when they are on sale.

So, this makes perfect sense as a good camping gift as they are not only awesome, but something that someone is very unlikely to purchase themselves. And best of all, they come in all shapes and forms meaning that there are options for all types of camping.

5. Power bank

Power banks (or often called power stations), are a device that stores an electrical charge in an internal battery to transfer electric power to your various devices, such as a tablet, phone, or lights etc. This pre charge can be undertaken in a number of ways such as via a home socket prior to travel, a solar panel or even a portable generator.

As gifts, these are great options for those who not only like gadgets, but tend to take them all camping with them as well. This way they can keep everything charged and who knows even get a hold of some more to make that trip even more interesting.

gifts for campers - family camping

6. Tailgating Table

Now let’s look into one critical aspect of camping that is often overlooked – the afternoon drinkies around the fire, under a tree, by the lake or wherever else the that takes the fancy. To this end, the next option here it a tailgating table that provides for portable entertainment to suit any camping need. It includes an insulated cooler, 4 cup holders and food basket to hold all that chippy goodness.

And whilst obviously set up for tailgating, it is perfect for camping as it comes with tension straps for extra protection against the wind, is lightweight and folds down into a carry case for ease or transportation.

7. Headlamp Beanie

And finally – headlamp beanies. These are basically a beanie (knitted head hugging hat) with a little spot at the front that houses a headlamp. In general, the light is secondary to the fact that you are keeping your head warm hence the light does not tend to have as many settings as the band varieties. However, the more expensive models do come with radios included.

I own one of these beauties which I love (I also use it for fishing). The light is waterproof, charged via a USB port (see power bank above) and has one setting, on and off. It is bright enough for what I need and keeps my head nice and warm. As with the hammock above, this is another in the list of ‘one day’ purchases but trust me, it is a gift that will not go unused.


And there they are – my 7 best gift ideas for campers. I hope it has been helpful and as usual, please let me know of your experiences or any other tips you may have.

Also, please do not hesitate to comment below if you have any questions, concerns, corrections or would like me to check anything else out for you.

Until next time

Have fun


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