6 Tips For Hunting In Summer

Hello there my hunting enthusiasts and welcome to my post where we will discuss my 6 tips for hunting in summer.  As we know, summer gives us the perfect season to hunt for our desired wildlife animal. Whether you are aiming to take home a deer or a duck, the hot days of summer are of benefit to any hunter out there.

However summer can also bring with it other hazards such as heat and insects as well, so for those of you who like to get out there in this time of year, then would need to prepare well before you go.  Let’s then check out my tips below.

1. Fine-tune your hunting bow or hunting rifle

If you wait until the last week before the opening of the hunting season to tune your gun or bow, you will almost certainly have to spend a lot of time in line at your local shooting range in order to get it right. So if you are serious about making a good, clean shot, you should spend plenty of time tuning your bow or rifle before the season begins.

For this to happen, you will need to put in plenty of practice hours before venturing into the woods. Starting early allows you to find the best load or broadhead/arrow combination, and the range will be less crowded.

tips for hunting in summer - man shooting in summer

2. Spend time talking to the locals

Few people understand what’s going on in your hunting area better than the people who live there. So unless you are a resident yourself, obtain information from local farmers about this factor.  Farmers for example usually have a pretty good idea of what the deer in their area are doing because they spend so much of the summer planting, spraying, and baling hay.

Furthermore, most farmers are inundated with requests to hunt on their land in the late summer and early fall. Getting out early and talking to local landowners may put you ahead of the game. Secondly, if you are new to the area, you will need to be fully aware of hunting seasons and their limitations/regulations.  Visit local hunting lodges or stores to ensure that you are hunting within often strict local restrictions.

3. Check your gear

As with any outdoor pursuit, poorly maintained gear can cause many a mischief whilst out in the great outdoors.  Many hunters forget to check their gear until hunting season arrives, which can be a huge waste of valuable time and money. 

So along those lines, it will be beneficial for you to have a complete checklist of the items you need for a successful summer hunt based on your personal preference or needs. These can include:

Before Your Hunt

During Your Hunt (Equipment)

  • Food and water
  • Game calls 
  • Hunting rifle
  • Hunting bow
  • Hand warmers
  • Hunting chairs 
  • Map
  • Backpack
  • Binoculars
  • Monoculars
  • Ear muffs 
  • Shooting glasses
  • Hunting cameras
  • Hunting ladder stands
  • Hunting safety course
  • Hunting shelters 

During Your Hunt (Clothing)

  • Jacket
  • Boots
  • Rainwear
  • Gloves

Make sure each is clean and in good working order as you pack it in preparation for your adventure – and remember, just because it is hot and clear when you leave, it does not mean that a summer storm can’t close in quickly whilst you are out there.  Additionally, make sure you have plenty of insect repellent and sunscreen with you as well (scent free of course).

tips for hunting in summer - man in reeds

4. Set up trail hunting cameras

The best hunters understand that keeping track of their target game’s movement is critical to a successful hunt. Setting up hunting cameras in the summer will give you a good idea of your targets’ movement patterns and rubs. Knowing where the animals are moving will increase your chances of experiencing a trophy kill this hunting season.

5. Learn the layout of the land

This probably goes without saying, but the more you understand the terrain, the better your success rate will be as you will not only know where your targets are, but how and where you can position yourself within it.  Look for spots you may have missed last season, and even start pinpointing stand locations. Summer is a great time to get in some evening research to see what bucks are using the fields and how they enter and exit those fields.

You can also clear your path in this step. Overgrown plants are a major stumbling block when getting to your stand quickly and quietly in the fall. For this reason, if it is permissible you should spend time clearing an access path to your hunting area. In addition, you should make sure you have access to multiple routes available depending on conditions at the time.

tips for hunting in summer - hunting hut on plain

6. Get in shape

And finally, although many hunters will say that they spend a lot of time just waiting around for their prey to enter their line of site, this is still a lot easier to endure if you are in shape. Added to this is the time you will be walking long distances and carrying tree stands to your desired location. Not to mention any chasing and carrying of carcasses that you might need to do.

So spend the time leading up to your hunting season by getting a little bit of fitness about you.  Eat right and take at least a walk daily.  You will be surprised how much better you will be able to handle your simmer hunting trips.


And there they are, my 6 tips for a successful summer hunting adventure. I would be pleased to know how this article helped you, and as usual,  let me know of your experiences here.

Also, please do not hesitate to comment below if you have any questions, concerns, corrections, or would like me to check anything else out for you.

Until next time.

Have fun


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